Photo courtesy of Bloomberg
Photo courtesy of Bloomberg

Reebok Spartan Race

“Carrie (Adams) Connors worked for the Spartan Race organization during its early years and assisted with the brand’s growth and development. She was able to work with my vision to build the brand and elevate the customer experience. She never wavered on presenting Spartan as a true sport and a leading innovator in the obstacle course racing industry.”

Joe De Sena, Founder of Spartan Race


Creighton University

“Carrie was an excellent teacher who genuinely cared about nurturing her students. She brought a refreshingly real world approach to the classroom and expected quality content from us as students. She is a very creative individual who brings a unique and enthusiastic attitude. Carrie is very smart and analytical. Carrie possesses a big heart and really cares about making the world a better place. Creighton is lucky to have her.”

– Jason Nitz, student at Creighton University

Backwoods Outdoor Retailer

bwlogo“Carrie Adams is a great public speaker. Not only is she credible and experienced on topics she speaks about, she has a clear concise delivery style that makes learning and listening easy. The topics she delivers upon can be related with any job. I am always able to go back to my crew and reenergize them with the new information gained at her seminars. I’d hire her to pump-up a group and public speak any day of the week!”

Laura Friesell, Sales Manager at Backwoods

Operation Enduring Warrior, 501(c)3

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.55.29 PM

“I was first introduced to Carrie while she was writing a blog post about the photography for the Spartan Race series. I was instantly captivated by her energy and her dedication to the article as well as her job in a whole. She carries this energy and enthusiasm throughout all of her business relationships. Carrie is without a doubt one of my favorite individuals to work with in the race community, as she always has positive and educated opinions and ideas to make Spartan Race and the racing community a better place.”

-Brent Doscher, DOP Gameface Media

“I have found Carrie to be a rare find in today’s business environment. Her drive and tenacity, coupled with exceptional communication skills set her apart. I have always known her to be looking for a challenge and she can be counted on to see it through to the end.”

-Kris Lappala, Chief Information Officer, Kiewit

“Carrie combines a solid technical knowledge with impressive people skills. She is an asset to any organization! Highly recommended.”

– Stephen Shields, Senior Consultant and The Gallup Organization

“Carrie’s creativity enables her to problem-solve and create solutions for clients. She has a positive attitude, and is willing to dive into any issue or opportunity with enthusiasm.”

– Stephanie Hatfield, Project Director at The Gallup Organization

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