Power of Positivity

It feels like it’s the 200th day of February. According to KMTV Omaha’s snowfall is now double the normal average at 40.5 inches. We haven’t seen temperatures over freezing in weeks. It is the kind of cold that seems to settle in your bones. The kind of cold that grabs a hold of you and…

Why Every Kid Needs to Start a Business

Having a mom who teaches entrepreneurship can lead to some pretty interesting summertime activities. I believe that every kid needs to learn how to start up a business. (I also believe every kid should learn how to change a tire, make a turkey, fold a fitted sheet, work in retail at least once and and…

Want credibility? Stop telling people you’re too busy.

I hate the word “busy.” It’s right up there with other deplorable words like interesting, beige, moist or K.  The thing about busy, is everybody is doing it these days. Busy is the new black. For the majority of people there are constant streaming deadlines and demands pulling at us from home, work, school community and social circles. We are all operating in a perpetual state of busy. 

Easy as Pie: How to Pass the Fork and Share Projects

When you effectively manage a team you must partition out the roles and responsibilities so that the whole effort is executed in manageable parts. You align the right person with the right role so that their effectiveness is maximized. That means they are focusing on their work and their piece most of the time. That focus means that there are going to be gaps in knowledge and awareness regarding co-workers efforts, circumstances, deadlines, priorities when it comes time for the proverbial pie forks to cross.

Five Ways to Improve Your Office Email Communication Skills

by Carrie (Adams) Connors Gone are the days when our written communication was relegated to pen and paper. We’ve exchanged ink for key strokes and the turnaround time for messages across time and space to seconds instead of a day or longer. In my own inbox and outbox, hundreds of messages are exchanged each day. With…