Five Ways to Improve Your Office Email Communication Skills

by Carrie (Adams) Connors Gone are the days when our written communication was relegated to pen and paper. We’ve exchanged ink for key strokes and the turnaround time for messages across time and space to seconds instead of a day or longer. In my own inbox and outbox, hundreds of messages are exchanged each day.¬†With…

Acquisitions- Maintaining Soul in Your Newly Acquired Company

Originally posted on Shellie schultz :
In my last segment I discussed the importance of integrating inward, or focusing on your internal team first. This segment we will touch upon the value of prioritizing your integration efforts within the acquiree to maintain the soul of the organization and leverage both what you brought to the table…

What Matters to the Customer Must Matter to You

by Carrie (Adams) Connors I recently went into a local party store to get supplies for my daughter’s 8th birthday party on Friday. She has been anxiously waiting for this day for weeks. We decided to do a bouncy house sleepover with five of her friends and she spent a long time walking up and…

The Problem with Value

Value isn’t a one-size-fits-all, it has to be something that the consumer wants, needs, and that isn’t found on a specifications sheet. Value isn’t something that a CFO can drive with a number – it isn’t something a good salesperson can weave in a half-baked effort. It is an all-in effort that is about what you are serving, not what you are getting. You can’t fake value.

7 Ways to Gain Credibility in the Workplace

When we spend so many hours on the job we should relish in the experience and use it as an opportunity to better ourselves, deepen relationships and truly add value to our customers and clients. Always seeking to be wiser, more valuable, more well-rounded, and most importantly more fulfilled. Simply telling people what to do vs. influencing cooperation can mean the difference between just a manager or a respected and effective leader. (Choose the latter.)

Learn the Rules… and Then Break Them When Necessary

by Carrie (Adams) Connors When I was 18 I worked in a national Italian Restaurant Chain. I had a really picky manager who required us to know our menu inside and out – all the ingredients, how food was prepared, and what types of beverages went best with the meals. My first two weeks was…

Five Ways to Become MacGyver in a Work Crisis

When confronted by unexpected obstacles in project work, we are given the opportunity to take what we have available in talent and in resources to ensure that the outcomes are not compromised in the process. By maintaining a laser focus on the goals and destinations of what we are accountable for and maintaining a nimble approach to how we reach them, we can channel our own inner MacGyver.

The Business of a Millennial Brand

Today, millennial customers want a conversation with their favorite brands – they want a customized experience that extends beyond the traditional buy/sell arrangement and they will reward that experience with their loyalty. The way a company presents itself to this demographic must be responsive and innovative, deliver on their promises AND create meaningful exchanges at every place where they connect with their would-be consumers: social arenas, customer service exchanges and in advertising campaigns.